7 Kids Bedroom Themes That Are Brought to Life With Wall Decals

Designing and decorating your kid’s bedroom allows you to brighten up their world and make it an amazing place to live. When you make use of wall decals, there are a lot of themes and decorative ideas that you can play around with. 

Read on to figure out the kids’ bedroom themes that will create an oasis of imagination for your children. 

A Beach Themed Kids Bedroom

Who doesn’t like a day at the beach? If it’s wintertime, or if going to the beach is out of reach, you can bring the beach to your house holes by decorating the room artistically.

Several wall decals can replicate sandy beaches, with ocean waves and palm trees. You can play around with different colour palettes that make the room look amazing. 

Going to the beach is great because it creates stress relief. You’ll find that your child will love cozying up with a book in their newly decorated beach room and will enjoy every moment spent inside. 

By using wall decals as opposed to painting, you can easily make upgrades to the room to really make it come to life.  

Design a Space Themed Kids Bedroom

The idea of space and imagination go hand in hand. As such, you’ll love the environment that you create for your child when their room is filled with stars, planets, and constellation systems. 

You can purchase and install decals that let you replicate the planets to scale. This way, your child can learn science lessons while just lounging around in their bedroom. 

This is especially a great idea if your child dreams of becoming an astronaut when they grow up. Being surrounded by and immersed in space day and night, they will naturally begin to internalize these dreams until they bring them to life.  

Go With a Forest Theme

Several children’s stories take place in enchanted forests. Kids love going to natural parks and spending time outdoors. 

Because of this, you owe it to yourself to look into a forest theme. You can play with a lot of different colour schemes and palates that create the ultimate forest.

Try out different green, orange, brown, and yellow colour options that will create the grand appearance that you’re looking for. Sitting up under a “tree” for storytime will allow you to whisk them away to a magical land every time you read to them.  

A Princess Themed Bedroom

Several little girls dream princess fantasies. You can create this princess fantasy for your daughter when you find the right decals. 

Whether you go with some Disney princess decals or create a sense of wonder and enchantment with castles, tiaras, and other royal decorations, the possibilities are endless. You can match these decorative decals with a chandelier or other fixtures that create a sense of royalty. 

Have fun with some pinks, yellows, and purples when planning out this room. 

Add a Swing and Other Cool Fixtures

If you’d like to really get creative with your child’s bedroom, think about the fixtures you can add, and how wall decals will match it. You can install a swing that your child can have fun with whenever they’d like. 

These swings attach to the ceiling and can be set up in the middle of the room so that they have space. When matched with wall decals that are colourful and exuberant, the swing adds a nice touch to the room that your child will enjoy.  

Make it a Learning Environment

You can use some nursery wall decals that will create an imaginative learning environment for your child. 

You can use it as an opportunity to post the alphabet, numbers, animals, primary colours, and so much more. It can also be designed with things like books, a teacher’s apple, and other fixtures that put your child in a learning state of mind. 

Think about it — if you shape your child’s mind by encouraging them to learn when they are a toddler, they’ll jump into school with enthusiasm and high expectations once it’s time. Matching these learning-oriented decals with a bookshelf and a school desk can add to the environment. 

Create a Botanical Theme

Finally, a botanical theme will also add colour and life to your child’s room. If you have ever been to a botanical garden, you know just how rich with nature and diversity it is. 

These botanical gardens feature flowers like tupelos, chrysanthemum, cosmos, blanket flowers, and zinnia. They can also feature plants like succulents, bonsai trees, willows, cactuses, and tillandsia. 

Find decals that feature actual species of plants and densely arrange them throughout the bedroom. Matching this botanical theme with an essential oil diffuser will add to the environment and the peace and relaxation that it brings. 

Another positive about this theme is that it’s suitable for all ages, whether you have a son or a daughter.  

Consider These Kids Bedroom Themes

Put these kids bedroom themes to use so that your child’s bedroom looks and feels amazing. These themes are colourful, creative, and awe-inspiring, and the sky is the limit with how you choose to arrange their bedroom. 

If you’d like to start kicking around some ideas, we would be more than happy to help. Never Never Shop specializes in wall decals of all types and can sell you something both you and your child will enjoy. 

Start with these tips, and then contact us via our website, or give us a call at (07) 5551 0156.

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