8 Adorable Wall Decals To Inspire the Perfect Nursery

As much as you might not want to admit it, our little ones grow quicker than we might like. While this is a wonderful thing, it can also mean you are left wondering just how to decorate a nursery that is made to last and to grow with them. You want it to be a beautiful and customisable space that they will love for the first few years of their lives and beyond. This is where you should look into wall decals, the perfect choice to easily change up and inject personality to any room. They are so simple to apply, all you need to do is peel and stick, then when you want to change them around, just remove and reposition until you are happy. They are a great choice for if you want to keep your walls neutral and easily amend the look and feel of a room, or if you are in a rented home that means you can’t put up permanent wallpaper or paint the walls. They are versatile, look great and are the perfect finish to any nursery. Here are eight adorable wall decals to inspire the perfect nursery…

This beautiful rainbow decal is a unisex design that is ideal for newborns upwards. It comes in five different colour palettes – desert, dreamy tans, neo mint neutral, cool tones and warm tones so you can decide on the right colour palette to suit the room. You could even mix and match! These decals are perfect for decorating the walls, or even for giving a new lease of life to a chest of drawers or bed frame.

Reminiscent of children’s fairy tales and nursery rhymes, this sleepy moon decal is a comforting addition to any child’s nursery to whisk them off to the land nod. This decal set features one sleepy moon, and fourteen assorted stars can be arranged in many ways and also switched around whenever you fancy.

Reaching for the stars has never been so easy with these pastel star wall decals that are the perfect touch for your little one’s nursery. Ensure they have a night of sweet dreams and place these all around their bed. You could also scatter them across the walls or even the ceiling for a soothing yet beautiful space that they will instantly feel relaxed in.

Sometimes all you need to jazz up a wall instantly is that “little something.” It may not need the biggest transformation in the world to suddenly look like a whole new space – as can be seen with these sprinkle wall stickers. With twenty-three colours to choose from, you can instantly transform it into a comfortable and bright space that your children will love spending time in. If you can’t decide between the colours, why not mix a few together?

There is nothing like a classic polka dot to instantly add personality to a space. A versatile and classic option it will see your little ones though from when they are first brought home to sleep in their crib, up to their teen years. Opt for the classic black and white pattern, or go for something a bit more colourful, the choice is yours! You can easily switch it up and add more colours as time goes on too.

These star decals are ideal for bringing a bold and graphic statement to any nursery. They are available in a whole range of colour options and come separately so you can place them in any formation you wish.  Whether you want a warm orange or shimmery grey for a more realistic starry night, or a bold colour to add a fun pop to any wall, you can’t go wrong. Pop them around their bed or cover a whole wall for an instant nursery transformation.

Another adorable wall decal for the perfect nursery is these dusty polka dots. An ideal unisex choice, they are both aesthetically pleasing and calming. You can easily style them with the rest of the room, and they are a timeless choice that will last for years to come. They are easily removable and repositionable, so why not play around with different formations on the walls if you fancy a change?

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