Removable Wall Decals: Do They Really Work?

According to trend reports, textured walls are in and boring is out when it comes to interiors. However, what if you don’t have the budget for Italian plaster or an oak slat wall?

If you want to jazz up your walls without spending the earth on renovations, removable wall decals are a superb option. Are you thinking of experimenting with some eye-catching wall decals in your home?

If so, you might be wondering how hard they are to remove. Are removable decals truly removable?

Whether you’re renting or decorating a home you own, it’s always smart to think ahead and make sure you’re not creating a headache for yourself in the future. 

Fortunately, once you have the skinny on which wall decals to pick, and the best practices for how to remove a wall decal, you can start decal-ing your space with confidence. 

Keep reading to get wise to which removable wall decals to pick, and how to take them down when it’s time for a change.

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Are Removeable Wall Decals Really Removable?

First, do removable wall decals really work? Yes, they do, however, you have to be careful which decals you choose. 

High-quality removable wall decals are specifically manufactured for relatively easy removal. However, cheaply manufactured options aren’t always as reliable when it comes time to take them down. 

If you go for cheap or knock-off wall decals, you may find when you want to remove them that the adhesive has hardened and they don’t want to budge. 

Therefore, when shopping for your decals, make sure you source yours from a reputable brand. 

How Easy Is It to Take Down Removeable Wall Decals?

If you’re thinking of getting creative with wall decals, you probably also want to know how hard is the removal process?

Once again, the answer depends on the type of decal you purchased. If you go for high-quality removable wall decals, and you follow the right steps and best practices, removing them should be relatively easy. They are, after all, designed to be taken down again. 

On the other hand, if you opt for cheaper wall decals, even if they say they’re removable, they may require more work to get off the walls. 

Tips for Removing Wall Decals

If you want to brighten up your space with decals, it’s easy to get caught up finding out things like how to place a wall decal, and how to remove wall decal bubbles. 

But it’s also important to brush up on tips for how to remove a wall decal before you start. This is because easy removal starts with the right application. 

Here are all the tips for easy wall decal removal. 

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1. Choose Decals That Are Unique and Exotic

As we have mentioned, good quality decals are key if you want to be assured of easy removal. Try to stay away from obscure or internal brands, as there's no way of knowing what type of adhesive they use for their decals.

Instead, go with a brand that has an established reputation. Look for other signs of product quality, such as environmentally friendly practices and non-toxic materials.

Also, don't wait too long to take your decals down. Our decals come off best within a year of application, otherwise, there is a chance that the adhesive will harden slightly. This is true with all removable decals.

2. Start With a Durable Paint Job

Another important tip to keep in mind when applying wall decals is you need to adhere them to a durable paint job. This is because you may encounter paint peeling if the paint hasn't properly adhered to your walls.

For best results when removing, make sure you only apply wall decals on a wall that is:

  • Primed
  • Properly cured (2 weeks is best)
  • Painted with high-quality paint
If your paint job is old or peeling, this is not a good surface for your removable wall decals. When you need to remove them, they will almost certainly pull some of the paint off with them.

3. Don't Peel Decals off at 90 Degrees From the Wall

When taking your decals down, don't pull the vinyl away from the wall at a 90-degree angle. This increases the chance of peeling paint.

Instead, try to pull the decals back on themselves, as close to the wall as possible.

4. Use Heat

For our wall decals, we always recommend you use a little heat when taking them down. This is because the heat softens the decal adhesive. The easiest way to do this is to use a hairdryer on a low setting. 

Simply warm the area of the decal you wish to start with, and then gently pull. Keep on heating and peeling, area by area until the whole decal is down. 

5. Peel Slowly

Lastly, when taking down your removably decals, make sure you peel carefully and slowly. If you rip them off quickly, this increases the chance of peeling and paint damage.

If you peel decals off slowly, this is less likely to cause your wall paint to come with them. If you see a spot of paint coming off along with the decal, you can also stop, and work around this area from another angle to prevent more peeling.

Are You Looking For Truly Removable Wall Decals?

Removable wall decals are an incredibly fun, easy, and creative way to add interest to a space. Further trend reports predict that accent walls are out in 2021—and wall decals are the ideal element to take their spot. 

Are you looking for wall decals that you know are truly removable? If so, you’re in the perfect place. 

Our wall decals are made to the highest standards and are designed to be 100% removable and non-damaging to your walls, provided you follow the right application and removal steps. 

Ready to rock some dreamy wall decals in your home? Without worrying about peeling paint down the line? Head on over to our online shop where we stock a variety of removable decals, including wall decals for kids.

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