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Our easy to apply decals are the perfect addition to any space! Our interior wall art is adaptable, injecting personality into a room. Our wall decals are popular in decorating a:

  • baby nursery,
  • crèche,
  • school classroom,
  • kid’s bedroom,
  • living room,
  • teenager or tween retreat,
  • guest bedroom,
  • and fun office space.

Transforming a wall with minimal effort is now possible with Never Never decals! Simply peel and stick, remove and reposition, step back and admire your stylised wall in any room.


We have decided to Shop Small this Christmas, supporting minimal waste, maximum thought and supporting small businesses across Australia. This year, we are proud to be featured in TopKnot Girl’s Christmas Gift Guide. This guide includes over 150 brands, each offering something special to gift a loved one (or yourself). For your unique 20% Off code, click here one the image below to view the TKG Gift Guide 2019.


All our decals are uniquely designed and exclusive to Never Never. We are inspired by our love for interior design, nature, the ocean and childhood memories. With a large selection of designs; any room can be transformed in minutes. 

We offer a wide selection of decal designs. Here are a few design options to get you inspired:


Choose from a selection of 22 colours in our Simple + Minimalist wall decal collection. We have provided you with an extensive range of colours to perfectly style your room.

We hope our designs spark imagination and get your interior design juices flowing!


Never Never wall decals are easily removable. Simply move and reposition each sticker until you are satisfied with the DIY wall art you’ve created.

Where will you stick your Never Never wall decals? We cannot wait to see what you create! Feel free to send us your pics to hello@nevernever.shop or tag us on Instagram @nevernever.shop.


From placing your order, please allow up to three weeks delivery. Domestic deliveries are made Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted). If there is no one available to receive the parcel Australia Post will leave a card with pick up information. The parcel can then be picked up or (redelivered) during their normal opening hours.

Our wall decal material is rated to last 4 years. In ideal circumstances (indoors) it can last 5-7 years. Like all all decals, the more they are rubbed or picked at, the shorter they will last.

Yes! Our wall decals are removable!

Our wall decals are removable from most smooth, painted surfaces. Removability is rated for up to one year. Like all decals of this nature, the longer they are left on a painted wall, the more likely they are to damage paint when they are removed. For best results, when removing wall decals please apply heat to the stickers (hair dryer etc.).

Our decals are not removable when applied to nitrocellulose paints, fresh screenprint inks, ABS, polystyrene & certain types of PVC.

Our wall decal material is a 152 micron, satin white, polymeric calendered vinyl film designed specifically for wall graphic applications where excellent dimensional stability after application, removability and excellent print quality are required.


  • Flexible satin white premium polymeric calendered vinyl face film designed for internal graphics.
  • Premium film with excellent printability across a range of technology and inks.
  • Superior adhesive technology that meets the demanding requirements of most wall surfaces.
  • Easy and clean removability with heat for up to 1 year from smooth sound paint.
  • Suitable for most walls – tested and recommended for use over many kinds of paints including high gloss, semi-gloss and satin paints.

Suitable Applications:

  • Internal wall graphics
  • Retail wall graphics
  • Exhibition wall graphics
  • Wall decorations
  • Internal window graphics

We use a top-of-the-range latex printer that provides high-quality, durable prints that are scratch resistance and un-matched in quality.



That’s right... we’re shopping small this Christmas and to help make this even easier the lovely Holly (perfect name for the season 😝) over @topknotgirl_ has complied the mother of all Christmas Guides 🎄 featuring some amazing small businesses as well as a sneaky (not so sneaky anymore) 20% off code. Head on over to @topknotgirl_ to view the complete guide and have fun shopping small 🥳 • • • • • #walldecals #christmasgiftideas #tkgchristmasgiftguide #artistsofinstagram #handmade #shopsmallbiz #shopsmallbusiness #shophandmade #shopsmall #makersgonnamake #makersmovement #wemakecollective #calledtobecreative #instamaker #wearethemakers #smallbuisness #smallbusinesslove #calledtocreate #buildyourempire #supportsmall



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I wish I could instantly transport myself into this magical space by @tailadanae • That bed, the chandelier, the tones 🥰 can you spot one of our small Desert Rainbows? 😍🌈 • 📷 by @tailadanae • • • • • #walldecor #rainbowdecal #rainbowdecals #rainbowwallart #rainbowwalldecor #walldecals #walldecal #removablewalldecal #removablewalldecals #removablewallstickers #wallstickers #dreamyinteriors #blushpink #roominspiration #roominspo #bedroominspo #canopybed



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One of my favs going out today...Lunar Lullaby and a few other goodies 🌙 • If only my natural lashes looked as lush 🙈 • • • • • #removablewalldecal #removablewalldecals #walldecals #removabledecals #removablewallstickers #moonart #moonsticker #nurserywalldecor #nurserywallart #nurserywall #nurserydecor #nurseryideas #nurseryinspiration #supportaustralianmade #mumswithhustle



The start of the holidays and spring cleaning begins today! I know I might be strange but one of my favourite past times is cleaning out cupboards, decluttering and diy home decor projects. Last week I decided to attempt something that I had in my mind for sometime...Palm Wall Art - my rendition of a juju hat 😝 • Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea I love how I created something natural, statement and so inexpensive! • For anyone who wants to give this a go see below in comments 👇



A few of these going out today and it never gets old 😍 #rainbowsforever🌈 • Happy hump day lovelies 😘 #Repost @eversohomely ・・・ • PLAYROOM ORGANISATION • The first thing I'm going to say is less is more and I cannot empathise this enough. I also want to press the point that you also don't need to have everything in this designated play space for your children! It is important to keep toys at a manageable level and to create an area that will encourage freedom to play; and an addition of a designated area just for storage! Toys would have to be the most challenging for families to manage and quite often toys toys can be scattered from one side of the house to the other... and is what ticks us Mums off the most! First and foremost, before you organise this area, you really do need to do a thorough declutter- and be ruthless. Here are some easy step by step tips that will help to reduce the overwhelm for creating a space you absolutely love and is #eversohomely CONTINUED IN MY LATEST BLOG... Link in bio 👆 Pic @eversohomely • #playroominspo #walldecals #walldecal #removablewalldecal #removablewalldecals #removablewallstickers #removablewallsticker #wallart #kidsplayroom #toyroom #wallstickers #rainbowdecals #rainbowwalldecal



Eeeeep! The Sea Wonder collection exclusive to @kenziecollective is live! 🥳 I think I’ve decided...turtles are my fav! 😍 #Repost @kenziecollective ・・・ * A D O R B S * Farrrrrr out!!!!! As if the 'Sea Wonder' Collection couldn't get any more AH-MAZING! ❤❤❤ . . Turtle lovers......this ones for YOU! . . Or, if you are like me and go all mushy mushy GOO GAH over UNIQUE earrings, you'll love them just as much! 💕💕💕 . . Now, let's give a huge 👏👏👏 to the TURTLES! 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 . . #underthesea #turtle #swim #sea #elliewhittaker #pastel #earrings #myearrings #ootd