Nursery Wall Decals

If you’re at the stage where you’re looking to design  a nursery for your new arrival, you’ll want to know how to give the room that extra special touch. Thankfully, Never Never’s extensive collection of wall decals are at your beck and call to make your baby’s first bedroom a cozy haven as they grow, learn, and play.

The perfect designer finish for your little one’s bedroom!

As babies grow into children and beyond, you’ll want a redecoration option that is easy to change- which is why temporary decor solutions are such a brilliant idea. They are the attractive, easy to place, customisable designer application that you’ve been looking for. 

Part of the joy for some parents preparing for a new baby is going the extra mile to personalise their little bundle’s bedroom. They might work for days on end trying to paint the best mural only to find out that they have pre-school level painting skills, or worse- spend an absolute fortune on wallpaper, only to find that they hung it upside down, or that they didn’t like it after all. Such a pain! 

What if you don’t own the home you’re living in as the baby is born, but you still want to be able to personalise the space? Wall decals mean you have limited commitment to a particular design if you rent your home. 

Even if you do own the home you live in, your little bundle will soon grow into a human, as tall as (or taller) than you, with their own sense of style and hobbies. Babies grow up in the blink of an eye. They’ll often end up staying in the same room, so the temporary solution to their bedroom’s decor is what you should focus on. 

Never Never’s collection of fun and playful wall decals for your baby’s nursery will work with your theme to create a fun environment for your baby. If you want something that will grow with then, we also have more neutral decals that will work well in any room of the house! We have a huge collection of nursery wall stickers in a range of unique and quirky designs to suit all spaces.

From bold geometrics, to stickers inspired by nature, bold florals, and relaxing moons. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, we can do that, too! Take a look through our extensive collection of decals to inject some personality into your little one’s little room. 

Our beautifully muted collection of pastel stars will sure to encourage your baby to reach for the stars. Also available in sunny brights, these decals can be placed in a huge range of formations. They are gender neutral so an ideal solution if you’re waiting for a surprise when your little one is born, or if gender stereotypes are not your thing. Stick them to walls, outside of cribs, changing tables, bookshelves- whatever takes your fancy! They come in a huge range of colours from dusty blues, a bold pop or orange, or a shimmery gray reminiscent of the night sky above them. Opt for black stars on a white wall for a bold look that they will enjoy for years to come.  Oh, my stars, will your baby feel relaxed with these decals!

The perfect finisher to your little one’s room. With twenty-three colours, you have the freedom to mix and match to make the room look like an explosion in a cupcake factory. These simplistic decals pack a lot of punch in spite of their size and simplicity. 

Using these decals, you can instantly transform a plain room into a fun environment that will last throughout the years.

Our gorgeous collection of pastel rainbow decals come in  a beautiful unisex design, ideal for getting your little ones relaxed at naptimes, evoking dreams of high places. At the bottom of the rainbow is where you’ll find your pot of sleepy gold.  In five different colour pallets, you have the choice to give your baby’s nursery that personal touch, suited to the room and theme you chose. From cool mints, to warm tans, you could even mix and match the prints. These decals can give a whole new lease of life to your nursery furniture, or help you to create the dream escape in a room that even you will love spending time in.

These gorgeously sweet moon decals are sure to be a comforting addition to any nursery. They inspire the singing of sleepytime lullabies that will encourage your little one to drift off into the land of nod.

What’s more, is that you get to be creative in how you arrange this set of fourteen stars and moon decal. Whether on a feature wall, or having the friendly moon looking over your baby in their crib as they sleep, and you can rest easy, too- knowing that nobody you know will have a nursery quite like yours.

There really is nothing quite like a polka dot print to add personality to a space. This simple design will be sure to take your child from when they’re really small to when they never want to leave their rooms as teens. With a range of 23 different shades, you can choose to go for a classic black and white monochrome, calming pastels or  brights with personality  to inject some colour into any room. The possibilities are endless. Easily removable, why not have a change and play with different formations?

There’s no denying that we love our little bundles of joy. These sweet little hearts come in a range of twenty three different colours and can be mixed and matched to create a whole lotta love. Best scattered on plain white walls or surfaces, these love hearts can create a lovely environment in any room in the home.


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We expect our wall decals to last around 4 years, but if they are used indoors and they are well looked-after, there’s every chance that they will still look great after 5-7 years.

Our decals are technically removable and will not pull paint off walls or damage most surfaces. For optimal results the painted surface needs to have a primer layer followed by a final layer of high-quality paint that has cured for up to two weeks. A poor paint job that is thin or has not been undercoated properly will mean your paint surface has an existing weak condition that could be aggravated by the adhesive. Cheaper paint jobs will increase the odds of our decals damaging paint upon removal. If your paintwork has been done by a professional and walls have been prepared correctly, it is highly unlikely that our decals will cause any damage to your wall.

Removability is recommended for up to one year. Like all adhesives, over an extended period (over 1-2 years), decals can become more permanent and may cause damage to painted surfaces when removed.

We recommend testing the compatibility of painted walls prior to installation using the excess of a purchased decal, or by ordering one of our sample swatches.

How to Remove
For easiest removal apply heat to our decals with a hair dryer set to warm. This activates the adhesive and makes them easier to remove. Blow the hot air on the corner of the decal until it feels warm to the touch. Slow movement while removing and repositioning is essential. Continue to use the warm air to keep the decal soft. Do not pull the decal out from the wall at 90 degrees as this can result in paint peeling, instead roll the decal back carefully back against itself.

Our wall decal material is a matte white removable adhesive fabric that can be mounted to any flat surface and is re-positionable. Our well decal material is PVC-Free.


  • Superior adhesive technology that meets the demanding requirements of most wall surfaces.
  • Easy and clean removability with heat for up to 1 year from smooth sound paint.
  • Suitable for most walls. Tested and recommended for use over many kinds of paints including high gloss, semi-gloss and satin paints. NOT recommended for painted concrete walls.

For our Terrazzo Wall Decals ONLY we use smooth, removable satin vinyl. Our Terrazzo Wall Decals have the same removability rating as our adhesive fabric.

We use a top-of-the-range HP Latex printer that provides high-quality, durable prints that are scratch resistance and un-matched in quality.

As well as offering superior image quality and durability, water-based HP Latex Inks offer the best environmental benefits of all inks:

  • HP Latex Ink can be used in indoor spaces that other inks can’t, such as healthcare
  • Water-based HP Latex Ink prints are odourless!


Water-based HP Latex Inks offer substantial health and environmental benefits when compared to eco-solvent, solvent, or UV-curable inks.

HP Latex Inks are certified, proving that they meet some of the world’s most comprehensive standards for low emissions into indoor air.

The sky is your limit when it comes to decorating the interiors of your home with wall decals. We recommend using wall stickers to brighten up child-friendly spaces in your home, including bedrooms, playrooms, dens, workspaces for kids and teens and informal, family-friendly living areas.

Yes! If you change your mind, or you’re not 100% happy with the placement, you can adjust the position of the sticker. It’s best to avoid moving the decal around too much after a year.

Read our FAQ on “How long will my wall decals last?” for more details on the removability.

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