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Polka Dot Wall Decals

Make a BOLD and graphic statement with our polka dots! With a variety of colour options, this versatile collection makes an amazing statement in any room. POLKA DOT SPECIFICATIONS Small Medium Large Small Number of Polka Dots: 70 Polka Dots Individual Size: Approx. 4cm Sheets: Provided on 2 sheets with 35 decals per sheet A

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Watercolour spot wall decals in a gender neutral kid's room.

Dusty Polka Dot Wall Decals

Our Dusty Polka-Rounds are a sweet and muted addition to any bedroom wall. As with all decals, the Dusty Polka-Rounds are easily removable and re-positionable but it’s not even necessary – they’re perfectly unisex and timeless and can grow with your baby from newborn to tween and beyond. SPECIFICATIONS Number of Polka-Rounds: 15 Polka-Round Size:

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Kids Rooms

7 Tips on Choosing Wall Decals for Girls’ Bedrooms

A little girl’s bedroom is her personal imagination station. It’s a playspace where she can be creative, dream big dreams, and express her true personality.  Knowing this, many parents look for unique, affordable ways to make this particular room as sweet and special as possible. Wall decals can be a great, commitment-free way to spruce up her space!

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Bringing Home Baby: How to Decorate a Nursery

Before you pop the bubbly to celebrate a wall well done, make sure you haven’t left any bubbles in your wall decal. That would be so sad after all your hard work.  If you have a squeegee in your shower for your post-shower wipe downs, take that over to the bedroom and give the surfaces

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Wall Decals

5 Tips for Applying Wall Decals in Your Bedroom

Are you ready for a little change in your inner sanctum? Indeed, the bedroom is a sacred space that should soothe us and bring tremendous peace.  All in all, it’s estimated we spend 33 years of our lives in bed! Why not make those some of the best years of our lives?  When it’s time for a small-scale room renovation,

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ALL PRODUCTS Boys Wall Decals Pastel Rainbow Wall Decals Rated 0 out of 5 AU$55.00 – AU$82.00 Select options Gender Neutral Wall Decals Dusty Lunar Lullaby Wall Decals | Moon and Stars Wall Decals Rated 0 out of 5 AU$83.00 Add to cart Gender Neutral Wall Decals Confetti Sprinkle Wall Decals Rated 0 out of

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Category: Flower Wall Decals

Flower Wall Decals Wall decals are an easy way to brighten up any room and immediately add more personality. Flower wall decals bring a touch of nature into your home, introducing colour and detail to make your space more interesting. If you’re looking for a design feature that will bring more personality into your bedroom,

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Category: Girls Wall Decals

Girls Wall Decals There’s no denying that parents are often spoilt for choice when it comes to design and styling ideas for their daughter’s bedrooms. Whether their offspring is a baby or young girl, you can easily feel overwhelmed by the choice available! However, if your plan is to keep the design simple but stylish,

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Category: Gender Neutral Wall Decals

Gender Neutral Wall Decals It’s no secret that wall decals for nurseries, kids rooms, and living spaces have grown in popularity in recent years. They make any room look unique, stylish, and even help to stimulate creativity and imagination. Another great thing about wall decals is they’re good at protecting the underlying paint on the

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Category: Boys Wall Decals

Creative Bedroom Wall Ideas For Boys Our kids’ likes and dislikes tend to change every week as they grow up. For our little boys, in particular, one moment, pirates are their one true love and the next- superheroes. We love to embrace our children’s passions, but also create a space for them to play and

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