7 Tips on Choosing Wall Decals for Girls’ Bedrooms

A little girl’s bedroom is her personal imagination station. It’s a playspace where she can be creative, dream big dreams, and express her true personality. 

Knowing this, many parents look for unique, affordable ways to make this particular room as sweet and special as possible. Wall decals can be a great, commitment-free way to spruce up her space!

Need a little help choosing wall decals that she’ll love? Today, we’re sharing seven tips to help you pick the perfect ones!

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1. Let Her Help

Want to make sure you choose the perfect ones? Whether she’s three or 13, your little one will love helping you make this selection! Together, you can find a colour scheme, pattern, or design that showcases her beautiful style.

Maybe she’s drawn to dainty touches, like our Star Wall Decals. Or, she may prefer something a little more whimsical. Imagine how exciting it will be to watch her grow alongside a towering floral decal!

Our Sunflower Buzz decal is a beautiful way to mark the years. Wherever her heart takes her, follow that path and you can’t go wrong. 

2. Consider Surrounding Accents

The goal of a wall decal is to complement the other furnishings in a space, not clash with them. Before you start shopping, take a look around your girl’s room. Then, you can narrow your search to only include decals that will work well with the other accents that are already there.

For example, if her room features muted, neutral pastels, then our Peony Wall Decal Collection will feel right at home. Featuring gorgeous, oversized peonies in blush, pale pink, it makes a soft, powerful statement. 

On the other hand, your pint-sized princess might prefer bolder, more vibrantly coloured illustrations and artwork. If there are bright features in place, why not try our It’s Showtime Collection? Filled with fun images of lollipops, unicorns, stars, and moons, it’s a playful touch that works well in any whimsical, theatrical spot. 

3. Think About Paint Color

Speaking of complementing, take a close look at the wall colour in your little girl’s space. If possible, look for decals that bring out certain hues so all elements look intentional and cohesive. 

If the wall is already painted a creamy white or dark tan, for instance, then go for a collection like our Pastel Rainbow Wall Decals. This way, the contrast isn’t too harsh on the eye and all of the colours will coordinate. Resist the urge to match your decals too closely to the wall colour, as this could cause them to get lost and blend in too much!

4. Create a Theme and Mood

What kind of mood do you want to set in the room? Are you creating a lighthearted and playful space for your bumbling toddler? If so, stick with a youthful and playful set, like our Kawaii-Inspired Animal Wall Decals.

While they would work well in any location, they’re especially suited for a curious, cheerful child who loves to explore and learn all about nature!

If your girl is a little older, you might want to establish a more sophisticated vibe in her room. If this is the case, then a sweetly subdued set like our Dusty Polka Dot Decals is ideal. It’s unisex, understated, and timeless. 

The best part? You aren’t committed to any style you select! All of our wall decals are easy to remove and reposition when you’re ready to switch up the mood and try something different. 

5. Source From Reputable Company

You spent time and money painting your girl’s room, whether you did it yourself or hired a team of experts. For that reason, you might be naturally wary of sticking anything to the walls in your house!

While it’s true that some “removable” wall decals can compromise paint integrity and leave you with patches of wear, that isn’t the case when you source your decals from a reliable, reputable company like ours. Before making a decision, take the time to read past reviews from other clients to better understand what your experience might be like. 

6. Brainstorm the Layout

Are you ready to commit an entire wall to your girl’s decal collection? If so, you’re free to go a little bigger with your design choice and layout. This would be a great way to try out our Scallop Shell Inspired Bedhead Wall Decal!

If you need a layout that’s a little on the smaller side, then you can’t go wrong with a small-scale pattern that repeats. This added touch can even make a tiny spot feel bigger! Keep it simple with our Plus Wall Decals and space each one out to avoid overcrowding. 

7. Establish a Theme

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of theme that applies to every decal. Instead of spinning your wheels, start by thinking about which designs pique your interest.

If you’re naturally drawn to flowers, then stick with floral varieties. The same goes for any predisposition toward geometric shapes, illustrations, and other kinds of art. You can even create different themes for different walls, with blooms on one end of the room and our Pastel Butterfly Wall Decals on the other!

Choosing Wall Decals Can Be Fun

When you approach this step the right way, then choosing wall decals doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, it can be a fun activity that you and your girl can do together!

When you’re ready to start weighing your options, we can help. We offer a wide variety of girls’ wall decals in our online shop, each one featuring its own, unique design. Feel free to take a closer look around and reach out to our team if you have any questions. 

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